Moffat out, Chibnall in


Finally, Stephen Moffat is stepping down and I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean that he’s been in charge for a long time, and with so much backlash against his tenure, it’s time that we move on and get a fresh perspective for this show.

Chris Chibnall is his replacement, a guy behind some rubbish Doctor Who episodes, but behind not only the fantastic Broadchurch, but some of the very best Torchwood episodes. So in many ways, whilst it would be great to have either a woman or somebody with a bit more bite, it’s good to see that he has a decent body of work that will hopefully translate into excellent Doctor Who.

As for Doctor Who, there will be one Christmas special this year, as well as spin-off series ‘Class’ followed by one final season for Moffat next year. Although this schedule sadly leaves us with little Who for a long while, it’s good enough reason for the writers to spend time getting things right. I for one will still be watching to send Moffat off, for better or for worse and to give Chibnall a warm welcome.



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