Jessica Jones – S1E9 – AKA Sin Bin review

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I grew up watching David Tennant in Doctor Who and saw him brood in Broadchurch, but I never realised how fantastic of an actor he was until Jessica Jones. In this series, his finest show, this episode is so far, his finest hour. Brimming with blinding ferocity and agonising despair, everything he does is in his eyes, the agony and the ecstasy, his is the most complex villain I’ve seen on TV since Spike, and he frankly floors me every moment he’s on screen.

This episode follows on from last episodes excellent cliffhanger, as Jessica keeps Kilgrave in a hermetically sealed room, in order to extract the key confession that will save Hope from prison. For most of the episode, we have the classic Captor captive situation as Jessica toys with Kevins (Kilgrave) emotions, doing reprehensible things in order to get him to strike out with his power.

The episode builds wonderfully, with everyone getting to play an important part and the story building to a thrilling finale that has so many moments of sheer excitement that you’re left gasping with every second.

There’s a subplot with Hogarth and her messy divorce, which I’m not sure where we’re exactly going with it, but because the Kilgrave story is so enthralling, at least, there’s something to allow us to take a breather.

Trish and Hogarth help out Jessica, Officer Simpson gets healed in some mysterious pill based remedy and Malcolm continues to go to his support group, except he’s haunted by the memories of the body he had to dump.

Jessica finds Kilgraves parents, the scientists who experimented on a young Kevin, and whilst it’s still very grey on who exactly ‘created’ Kilgrave, the final scene with them approaching Kevin, and his reaction to them, was fantastic.

Jessica tricks Detective Clemons into witnessing the scene, as Kevins parents enter the special room, in order to get a witness of Kilgrave using his power. Of course, things don’t go well, as we seem some genuine pain beneath Kilgrave, his calm exterior breaking, his rage boiling through.

Kilgraves mother stabs him, the electric button doesn’t work and Kilgrave orders his mother to kill herself, and his father the same before Jessica intervenes. Kilgrave runs, is shot by Trish, who almost dies at his hand if it weren’t for the lack of bullets and he orders the detective to follow him, which involves grossness as he literally pulls his hand through some handcuffs, breaking his bones.

The key and most exciting moment is when Jessica attempts to stop Kilgrave, and we discover that his power no longer works on her. WOAH.

This final scene was tense, scary and thrilling, with some absolutely amazing moments, twists and surprises. Tennant is brilliant, Ritter is fantastic and the writing is continually excellent. The whole episode was a classic slow builder, with great beauty and awesome drama, there’s something truly wonderful about the whole show.

Give David Tennant and Krysten Ritter all the awards please.

Rating: A


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