One Eternity Later: Uni Part V

 It’s been a while. Last time I talked about Uni it was November, and I was ready to set off for the sunny, and warm, reaches of Florida. Now it’s deep in the dregs of January and I’ve got deadlines coming out of my backside.

I’m fine, though, you just do it. If you’ve gotta do it, you just do it, and then you’ll be done. You persevere and you get it done. I won’t panic till I’ve got nothing left I can do.

At the beginning of January, I had 4 big deadlines. Project 2 for Sound of the Story, TV Futures Essay, FMP Pitch and Post Production Project. All of them must be in by the end of the month.

Sound was in first so that’s where my focus went. We had to choose an existing Film and create new sounds to go over it. I chose the classic silent Film Nosferatu, and with some help from GarageBand, I was able to finish in time, handing it in before 1 pm, which was a vast improvement on my, on the dot, project from my last post.

The rest are all still in production. The essay is 2,500 words but I have confidence in it, having already done 1,000 words, and this blog has helped my writing greatly. The FMP pitch is looming but I’m in a good group so I believe that we’ll get it done. The only trouble is that blasted Post Production.

Avid is the worst thing ever. I had 2 weeks off and that just made it seem worse. The complicated method to get the footage and put it all on the programme has driven me partly insane. As I write this I’m waiting for the footage to import, sitting here for what seems like an eternity watching the little bar move across the screen.

Update: It’s now the Friday, and I’ve done nearly 3 minutes of editing and it’s better than I thought it would be.

It’s all fine, though, cause I just gotta do it. My friend/housemate is in the same boat as me, but perhaps a little worse, and so we’re very much brothers in arms in getting through this January. Come the 29th of January, it’s gonna be the best thing in the world to be back on track and able to relax.

The first hand in went relatively swimmingly, I just hope that I can do the others just as well.

In the words of Shia LeBeouf…”Just Do It”



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