By Grabthar’s Hammer…You Shall Be Missed

Alan-Rickman-Neilson-Barnard Alan Rickman is one of those people, he’s the sort of person your mind jumps to when you think of great actors, and never would you feel that he could ever just stop being a part of the world. He was seemingly Immortal. Maybe I don’t make sense, but in my head, I know what I’m talking about. I’m still shocked that he’s gone.

First Bowie, now Rickman. Two absolute giants of their field, gone within a few days of each other. What a start to 2016.

What do I remember most about Alan Rickman’s work?

He’s fantastic in Die Hard, hilarious in Galaxy Quest and charming in Love Actually. His entire demeanor is smart and warm, funny and engaging, it feels weird that somebody who always felt so alive, and so part of the world could be just gone.

For me, as a 21-year-old with never ending love for Harry Potter, his role as Severus Snape was the one that I first saw and was the part that defined the entire Potter experience. His was the sort of performance that nobody could have done, and there wasn’t a person alive who could’ve made a better Snape.

The fact that he knew Snape’s biggest story arc all along was the most satisfying thing to witness when you look back on his performance in the Films. From the get-go, he knew the character as well as JK Rowling herself, and it made it so good. Millions upon Millions of fans, young and old are mourning today, and I’m one of them

Favourite Quote: “You have your Mothers Eyes”

Exceptional Delivery and raw emotion.

Rest in Piece Alan Rickman.



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