Jessica Jones – S1E8 – AKA WWJD? review

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Spoilers from the beginning

Last week was the best episode of the series to date, but this is just as good. Just as shocking. Just as perfectly acted, and delicately written. It’s mostly set around Jessicas old home, as she lives under Kilgraves web. She’s not being controlled, she’s mostly there to get dirt on him, but it’s still an intense game of cat and mouse.

We learn many things. That Jessica’s parents and younger brother died in a car crash she was in. We learn a bit about Kilgraves background, that he was experimented on by his parents at a young age until he discovered his powers. And we learn, even though we should have by now, that this show is unpredictable.

The final scene when Jessica, initially agreeing to work with Kilgrave into making him more of a good guy, but then drugging him and flying away, was a real shock moment. This is followed by the next door neighbour, under Kilgraves thrall, approaching Office Simpson with the bomb, he planted earlier, and detonating it, blowing herself up and sending Simpson flying.

Blimey. That was brilliant.

The episode essentially is a two-hander, for the most part, for Jessica and Kilgrave. There’s a lot of tension and pain between them. Kilgraves entitlement and insistence that what he did was right, and Jessicas suffering and guilt, are perfectly balanced as they talk things over across the episode.

I’m glad that the show went this way, instead of keeping them apart, it brings them together in unexpected ways.

Kilgrave is complex, evil, sadistic and brilliant “If I’m not back within two hours, please remove the skin from each other’s faces.” is a brutally chilling vision of Kilgraves power. He’s a perfect villain, he and Jessica have a twisted but engaging relationship and through everything, they still have great chemistry.

Now with Kilgrave captured by Jessica, it’ll be fascinating to watch the dynamics play out between them in a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ type standoff.

Elsewhere in the episode, Hogarth is still struggling with her divorce and Trish worries about Jessica, but was all about Jessica and Kilgrave though, and the back and forth between them, the history they have and, her hatred, and his reasoning, are played out expertly.

Rating: A


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