Jessica Jones – S1E7 – AKA Top Shelf Perverts review

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Spoilers straight away

The key, and best, scene in this episode at the halfway point in the series, is one of the most exceptionally staged scenes I’ve seen in a while. Jessica, released from custody, finds herself in the middle of the police station, half of the officers pointing guns at the other half, all under the control of Kilgrave.
As lives hang in the balance around her, Kilgrave professes his unending love for Jessica, with intense creepiness and disturbing honesty. You think he’s gonna kill everyone, but that sort of terror is for another day. Instead, he makes everyone laugh like it was all a joke, let Jessica go, so she can later come to her childhood home, that he now lives in.


This is the best episode so far, and that’s saying something cause they’ve all been excellent.

Let’s start at the top. Kilgrave wanders through Jessicas empty apartment but is confronted by Ruben, who tells him that he loves Jessica. Bad idea Ruben, this is Creepy McCreeperson you’re talking to.

Then there’s a brief bit of subplot with Hogarth and her Ex-Wife, Jessica was sent to force her to sign the divorce papers, but because she’s been drunk and depressed ever since Luke found out the truth, she accidentally pushed her onto some train tracks. As it is, Wendy blackmails Hogarth and gets one up on her.

As it goes, it’s a perfectly fine storyline, but that’s not where the episode is going.

Malcolm and an inebriated Jessica come home to find Ruben dead in her bed, having been controlled to slice his own throat. Jessica, off the rails, and filled with guilt and liquor, aims to get sent to the maximum security prison, so as to lay down a trap for Kilgrave.
Malcolm attempts to stop her by dumping the body. Trudy attempts to stop her, but can’t convince her. Hogarth refuses to be her lawyer and Office Simpson stakes out Kilgraves new house.

The episode spends its time with Jessica and her moral decision to throw her life on the line. She tries to get a message to Luke, and says a goodbye to the city, and with a severed head in hand, she arrives at the police station.

Everyone is excellent in this episode. Jessica is filled with remorse and pain. Trish blames herself for Kilgrave escaping previously. Malcolm is a highly moral guy, bringing his life back into focus after being a junkie. And Kilgrave is still legitimately terrifying and easily one of the greatest villains on TV.

His conversation with Jessica in the station is brimming with tension, and you can really see the evil behind his eyes and smile. Casting David Tennant was a stroke of genius. His winning smile and charm are the perfect facade for Kilgraves pure twisted evil.

The episode has a moment of redemption for Robyn as she worries about the disappearance of her brother, and Jessica can’t tell her the truth.

All in all, it’s a superb episode from an already fantastic show.

Rating: A


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