My Top 25 Films of 2015 – Part 4 (10 – 6)


It’s been my first year of having a Cineworld unlimited card, meaning that I’ve been able to see more films than ever. It’s also the year in which I began this very blog, and began reviewing every film I’ve seen. Now, with 2016 about to arrive, it’s time to take a look back on this year of cinema.

It was a hugely anticipated year, Avengers 2, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Mockingjay Part 2 and a new Bond. Like all years, the world of film gave us many disappointments, many surprises and a lot in-between, but overall, it gave you an experience that was always worth it.

Last year my favourite films were few, I hadn’t seen as many films as I had in previous years, so this year I decided to rectify this. With over 80 films seen at the cinema, these are the top 25 that I consider to be the very best.

This is the Fourth of 5 parts that I’ll post in the lead up to New Year, and it may be subject to change in the future, but I believe that these 25 are my favourites of the year.

Enjoy. This is 10-6

10. Mad Max: Fury Road

mad max fury road

Ok, so I couldn’t decide whether Kingsman or Mad Max should be my No. 10, but based on Kingsmans problems, Mad Max took the title. Mad Max is everyone’s favourite film of the year, it’s completely brilliant. The action is stunning, the cinematography incredible. The characters excellent, Imperitor Furiosa in particular is one of the best Women in Film this year. Thought it couldn’t match the expectation of the trailer, by 0.5% maybe, it was still a blistering and stunning action film.

9. Sicario

Sicario 1

A slick, taut, beautifully shot film, with pulse pounding music, and a superb central performance from Emily Blunt. There’s a number of incredibly tense scenes, and an odd ethereal beauty to the hollow, fearmongered lives of those who live in this scorched desert. A very excellent film.

8. Tomorrowland


It was a big shame this film didn’t do better, but then again, I felt it was a film just for me. The mix of Disney nostalgia, Michael Giacchino’s lovely, and hard to track down, score, plus the direction from Brad Bird, the director of two of my favourite Pixar films, made it feel especially designed for me.

7. Boyhood


A lovely film about growing up and life. The key thing is that there’s no clichéd marriages, deaths, or big grand moments, instead it focuses on the everyday, from young boy to adult, this is a wonderful joyful/melancholy film.

6. Brooklyn


From Saiorse Ronans stunning, subtle performance, the beautiful lilting music and the enthralling journey of an Irish immigrant in New York, Brooklyn is the most endearing and most touching drama of the year. Every year there’s always a more dramatic film like this that catches my attention, two years ago it was Philomena, now Brooklyn takes the crown. Wonderful.

Check back soon for the final part in my list of the years best films.


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