Jessica Jones – S1E6 – AKA You’re a Winner review

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In this episode, Luke came back on the scene to ask Jessica for help, to track down the brother of a woman who has information regarding the death of his wife. They find him, have a brawl in a Weed factory, and when Luke would stop at nothing to kill the driver who he thought had ran down is beloved, Jessica revealed that it was indeed her who had committed the act.

In the end, it wasn’t the deed itself that made Luke mad, that can be attributed to Kilgrave, but it was the fact that she knew all along, and allowed intimacy to grow between them. With their relationship in tatters, Hope aborting the fetus in her stomach, which we presume has come from Kilgrave, and Malcolm recovering in the support group, it’s a mix of good and bad in this episode of Jessica Jones.

Kilgrave is continually terrifying. He takes a guy’s house, not with mind control this time, but with bribery. As it turns out, this is Jessicas childhood home, and clearly it has some larger connection to her, as it happens to be on the streets that she continues to recite every time she struggles with PTSD.

Not much Trish or Officer Simpson this week, and Hogarth gets a couple of bits, including wanting to take Hope’s fetus sometime in the future. Hmmm.

A good episode, with a lot of the usual great stuff.

Rating: B  7/10


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