Jessica Jones – S1E5 – AKA The Sandwich Saved Me review

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David Tennant as Kilgrave is legitimately one of the scariest TV villains of all time. If you’ve read my other Jessica Jones reviews, you know that I completely love the menace he exudes, even when he’s not in the scene. This episode had by far and away the most Kilgrave we’ve seen as of yet, including his first meeting with Jessica, and he’s just as terrifying in the flesh as when he’s hiding in the shadows.

The moment when Jessica and Office Simpson approach Kilgrave during his meeting with Malcolm is filled with tension, as the plan almost goes wrong and Jessica gets his attention just as he gets knocked out. You can tell that Kilgrave didn’t know what was coming, and the feeling of excitement as Jessica finally got one over on him was fantastic.

If only it didn’t go wrong as the goons Kilgrave hired to protect him, hadn’t attacked the gang and taken him back home. So close. That was just the big set piece of the episode though, as the rest of it is concerned with saving junkie, and pawn of Kilgrave, Malcolms soul.

By the end of this thrilling 50 minutes, Jessica is taking control for Malcolm, tying him up in a bathroom, and taking over his job of sending pictures to Kilgrave. It’s a fascinating turn of events, as Kilgrave and Jessica come closer and closer together, his influence is creeping nearer and is close to getting her back, as she does her best to save those around her.

Hope is beaten in prison, Trish takes up some serious, and potentially Chekhov inducing arms, whilst we don’t see anything from Jeri or Luke. The flashbacks are interesting, showing Jessicas complete apathy for getting a job, but really become wow inducing as she stops Malcolm from getting mugged and murdered, only to be discovered by Kilgrave.

At that moment we see the beginning of their twisted relationship, as Kilgrave immediately dispenses with two other women to solely focus on Jessica. Not exactly kindred spirits, more obsessed stalker. David Tennant is utterly beguiling. He smiles when controlling Jessica, and laughs after getting a bruising from her. His performance is electric.

Five episodes in, and I might be taking it slow, so as to make it last longer.

Rating: A-  9/10


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