Charlie Brookers 2015 Wipe review

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As usual Charlie Brooker spins gold from the darkest of places. Looking back at 2015 in the space of an hour, may have been a slideshow of a bleak, barely real, hellscape, but there’s still enjoyment to be found.With his spot on accuracy, he approaches every subject with razor sharp satire and wit, he’s not affraid to pull any punches, which often means that his put downs of the media, or politicians are usually hilarious.

Whether its Terrorism or Donald Trump, he comes at everything from the view point of a sane individual, his gloomy perspective is the pitch perfect way to look at the world from the correct angle. His contributors, Philomena Cunk and Barry Shitpeas, offer even funnier pieces on feminism, which admirably supports it whilst sarcastically putting down those who don’t.

It’s another blistering, funny, depressing, but strong round up of the year from the man who has made some of the best TV of the last decade. Bravo.

Rating: A 10/10


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