Simply the worst: My worst films of 2015

A list of my bottom 10 Films of 2015. The films that left me bored, annoyed, offended or just plain tired. Enjoy 🙂

10. The Bad Education Movie


The Inbetweeners movie had real pathos behind it’s gross out humour. The Bad Education Movie has Jack Whitehall Teabagging a swan… and that’s not even the worst part.

9. Fantastic Four


I didn’t hate this as much everyone else, I quite like the body horror stuff, but, in the end it was a colourless, rushed mess. I had high hopes too.

8. Pixels


The trailer looked kinda okay, but the film was the stockiest of stock cliché’s and had misogyny so thick that you could spread it on your toast. Adam Sandler does it again and I just want to mention that I haven’t actually finished watching The Ridiculous Six yet, but that would probably make this list as well.

7. Maggie


I love Zombie films, but this was painfully pretentious and dull as dishwater. A real slog to get through, even the cinematography looked tired.

6. Self/Less

SelfLess image

Ridiculous, silly nonsense. No subtlety or depth. Just stuff.

5. Big Game


Instead of being the new Snakes on a Plane I was expecting, it turned out to be a deeply uninspired, weirdly boring film. There was one sole female in the film (Felicity Huffman) and she got to do bugger all, very briefly. Macho men doing macho things, and whole lots of ‘becoming a man’ rubbish. The bit with Jim Broadbent killing a guy was fun though.

4. Hitman: Agent 47


The most painfully dull, awfully made crap fest. Put a guy in a suit and give him some guns is basically the plot, which brings me to…

3. The Transporter Refuelled


Is this what men must aspire to, fast cars and objectification? This film was less enjoyable and less fun than sitting on an overcrowded bus in the blistering heat of the summer, at least you’d be going somewhere.

2. Absolutely Anything


The might of Robin Williams, Monty Python and Simon Pegg don’t make this a good film. When you have a scene in which dog poo picks itself up and jumps into the toilet, then you know that you’re in trouble. Turgid, sexist, puerile rubbish.

1. We Are Your Friends


The most vile, obnoxious and sexist film I’ve seen all year. Simply repulsive. This isn’t the dream to aspire to, you arsebags. There is zero character development, because there isn’t a single character. So get this, Zac sleeps with the lead woman, Emily Ratajkowski, who’s the girlfriend of his DJ mentor, Wes Bentley. They all fall out, and Wes kicks out Emily obviously. In the end, though, Wes and Zac become best buds again, whilst Emily has to go be a waitress (nothing wrong with that), but the film see’s it as her punishment.

I hated this Film. Even great cinematography and OK music, couldn’t make this Film anything more than painful, misogynist, disgusting crap.

That’s just me being kind.


So there we are, as the year draws to a close, these are the very worst Films that I’ve seen this year. There were a few I didn’t include that weren’t great, but none were as obnoxious as these.


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