My Top 25 Films of 2015 – Part 2 (20 – 16)


It’s been my first year of having a Cineworld unlimited card, meaning that I’ve been able to see more films than ever. It’s also the year in which I began this very blog, and began reviewing every film I’ve seen. Now, with 2016 about to arrive, it’s time to take a look back on this year of cinema.

It was a hugely anticipated year, Avengers 2, Star Wars, Jurassic World, Mockingjay Part 2 and a new Bond. Like all years, the world of film gave us many disappointments, many surprises and a lot in-between, but overall, it gave you an experience that was always worth it.

Last year my favourite films were few, I hadn’t seen as many films as I had in previous years, so this year I decided to rectify this. With over 80 films seen at the cinema, these are the top 25 that I consider to be the very best.

This is the second of 5 parts that I’ll post in the lead up to New Year, and it may be subject to change in the future, but I believe that these 25 are my favourites of the year.

Enjoy. This is 20-16

20. The Martian


From the trailers I liked the look of this film, and apart from things stretching a bit beyond belief, I loved it. It’s funny and warm hearted, with great music and cinematography. It’s smart and exciting, and Matt Damon holds it together despite being utterly alone. A gripping film.

19. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl


A great time for indie high school dramas, this time with fantastic film references, wonderful music and brilliant performances. A really exquisite, brave and beautiful drama.

18. Cinderella


One of the years more surprising joys. Surprisingly funny and warm hearted, this may not be as classic as the Walt Disney original, but it’s expertly directed by Kenneth Branagh and it has a wonderful, strong central character, with a fantastic performance from Lily James.

17. Steve Jobs


It’s not The Social Network, but it has a lot of the buzz and the charm of my favourite David Fincher effort. The script is fantastically written, with the 3 acts set in just 3 places, before 3 famous product launches. Fassbender is great, and the music is exciting.

16. The Theory of Everything


A stunning central performance from Eddie Redmayne, beautiful cinematography and music, make this one of the year’s earliest and best films. It’s a heartbreaking, but lightly humorous story that makes you feel and think in equal measure.

Check back soon for Part 3


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