Doctor Who – The Husbands of River Song review


Spoilers Sweetie

It’s been a while since River Song last appeared on our screens, back then Matt Smith was still The Doctor, and we were all looking forward to the 50th. Now, it’s time to wrap up her story, by taking her to the last place she’ll go to, before meeting her fate in The Library.

She gets to spend one very long night with The Doctor though, 24 years to be precise, which is nice for her, although it kind of devalues the importance of this last night. Still, the final 10 minutes of this episode, with River and The Doctor being back in their familiar groove of banter was a nice way to give The Doctor something happy to do for Christmas.

It was emotional, as long as this is DEFINITELY the last time we see her, otherwise all of that good will will go away. I can’t say that her story arc, or importance matter much to me anymore. I’m no longer a big fan of Moffat’s big writing, his continued sweeping arcs and making everything grand.

The trouble is, he writes lines along the lines of, Time can’t be changed, there are fixed points and it’s impossible, but then he goes and breaks those rules anyway. At least with River Song, he’s not gonna get her out of dying. I would be angry if he did that.

The episode was actually pretty good, if only for seeing Rivers final adventure, and it was also pretty funny. Peter Capaldi was very good, his comic timing is perfect, and his line delivery completely charming. He’s no longer the cantankerous guy from last season, so I like him now.

The whole adventure with Greg Davies as King Hydroflax, and a diamond was fine, if unmemorable and very silly. I don’t think it will make any sort of an impact in the future, especially as we will only focus on the better character stuff.

Still, in the end, it’s all about River and The Doctor, I don’t quite buy that she didn’t get it was him for most of the episode, but when she gave that great speech and realised that he was standing right next to him, it was a great effective moment.

In the end, River Song has been that good/bad character. Her story, and timeline have been an interesting and new way to present a storyline in Doctor Who, yet she’s also representative of Moffats bad side. The over indulgence in recreating and changing the life of The Doctor and the over sexualising of most female characters.

River is a symbol of this, but I can’t deny that I’ve enjoyed her being on screen, and this was most certainly a lovely end for her. As they stood there, look out at the Singing Towers of Darillium, it felt very final, as we knew exactly where she was going.

Not sure about that Happily ever after bit at the end though. Is The Doctor really gonna spend 24 years just sitting about on Darillium with her?

Anyway, never mind. It was good.

Rating: B-  6/10



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