Twas the Night before Christmas…

When I was a young one, with my toy soldiers and perpetually wobbly tooth, I had a large bumper video collection of old Tom and Jerry cartoons, yep, VHS. On this wonderful collection was this, perhaps my favourite of them all, a Christmas set adventure in the world of a feuding cat and mouse.

It is perhaps this Christmas gem that I remember the most during the holiday season. Its combination of instant nostalgia inducing sound effects and music affected me hugely as a child, particularly cause that’s the sort of stuff I respond to. But also because it was on hard rotation during my childhood christmases.

Now granted, since the move to DVD, and the bigger move to the interweb, I haven’t watched these video tapes for a good while. But with the beauty of YouTube, I am able to reclaim some of that nostalgia, once briefly forgotten. With this great video, a small Christmas tradition can now be taken up again, and passed on.

For me this Tom and Jerry Christmas episode is like a nostalgia boost, short and sweet, with the great benefit of being at my disposal anytime.

So, what are your Christmas traditions or things of that sort, that you have been able to reclaim in recent years. Something that only you will really know about, but you love all the same? Let me know.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.



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