Favourite Movie/TV music moment #6 – The Office S1E4

Without the UK The Office we wouldn’t have the The US Office, nor maybe even Parks and Rec. Thus, it’s down to this British Comedy classic that we owe a lot. In this classic of all classic episodes, The worst/best boss on TV hijacks a Training day with just a guitar. In this scene, he plays a selection of his own songs, culminating in Freelove Freeway, a song that is actually quite enjoyable.

As Tim and Gareth join in, the pace picks up, and you just start going along with it. In the context of the episode, it works, out of context, it’s still very funny. Gareth joining in with “She’s Dead”, and Brent instantly replying with “She’s not dead” is the highlight. The moment that marks the true genius of Gervais and Merchant.



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