Jessica Jones – S1E4 – AKA 99 Friends review

Screenshot 2015-12-21 at 19.57.21.png


This episode we have Jessica dealing with a couple looking for revenge on the wrong heroes, Trish struggling with trust issues and Jeri straining to hold it together during a messy divorce. There’s no sign of Luke, but a group of Kilgrave survivors come forward with their stories of suffering, including a man who left his own child on the side of the road under the Purple Mans thrall.

In my last review I said how Malcolms story would soon come forward in a big way, and the revelation at the end of this 4th is that he has been the one taking pictures of Jessica all along. It’s a great double cross, as I half expected the friendly cop to just quickly turn around and try to kill Trish again, just as she lets him in.

Nah, it’s the stoner down the hall, and I was not expecting it.

The key subplot of the week is the build up to the Malcolm revelation, as Jessica searches for the unseen photographers, stalking her across the city.

It’s another tight episode, with the noir style and jazzy music doing its excellent job, and the pervading terror of Kilgrave continues to lurk in the background.

It’s been a little while since my last Jessica Jones review, I’ll try to get the next one out sooner, now it’s the holidays.

Rating: B+  8/10


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