Fargo – S1E1/2 – The Crocodile’s Dilemma/The Rooster Prince review

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Spoilers, but slightly less relevant spoilers

As I’m in my period of watching lots of shows and reviewing them, it’s time to explore a show I’ve heard excellent things about, especially as it’s just wrapping up its second season. Though of course, I need to start at the beginning.

I watched the acclaimed Coen Brothers film a little while ago, and I liked it, not necessarily loved it, but thought it had a lot of great stuff to it. As a TV show is a different beast, especially in this golden age of drama, Fargo is such a tempting prospect, more so if it doesn’t completely take everything from the film.

As it is, Fargo the show takes a different direction, whilst being the same in its core. It has the music, it has the scenery and it has the balance between dark humour and gruesome activities.

The first episode is an excellent pilot, introducing us to the ever excellent Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard, a very timid, very non-confrontational man, whose timidity essentially starts a chain of events that rocks the small Minnesotan town. Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo, is the creepy, calculating loner who infects Nygaard, causing him to do bad things.

I knew that I liked the show when I reacted with genuine shock as Lester hit his wife over the head with a hammer, then as Police Chief Vern Thurman is shot dead by Malvo. Both moments are hugely surprising, especially as the show instantly deviates from the film by not having Lester plot to get his wife kidnapped.

Then there is the key female lead, Molly, who comes to the fore when Vern is murdered and takes a similar role to that of Frances McDormand. She’s not pregnant, but she’s awesome.

The key thing with Fargo is its dark themes, making a beautiful snowy landscape feel representative of inner turmoil of the human condition. You get the feeling that no character is ever quite happy with their life, the only one who seems to have a handle on themselves is Malvo.

All in all, these are two excellent episodes to begin this anthology series, can’t wait to carry on.


  1. A  10/10
  2. A-  10/10 

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