2016 Triple Whammy


In the last few days we’ve had three unexpected (for me anyway) trailers for big film releases in 2016. Independence Day: Resurgence, Star Trek: Beyond and Fantastic Beasts and where to the find them.

Whilst there have been other big trailers in the past few months, it seems like there’s been a good deal of surprise trailers in this week.

Independence Day is surprisingly the best trailer, whilst Star Trek oddly uses the same music it did for the trailer for JJ Abrams 2009 original. Then the newly released Fantastic Beasts one is a bit more teasery, but it seems to capture the same sort of style and warmth that the Harry Potter films had.

Whilst of course I want every film I look forward to, to be good, the trailers might not necessarily represent the final film and how good it is. With Simon Pegg writing, I hope Star Trek: Beyond isn’t all about action (especially with Justin Lin at the helm), I hope that Independence Day is just as entertaining as its predecessor and Fantastic Beasts is as magical as the franchise I grew up with.

Who knows, it’ll be fun to go into 2016 with so many exciting films to look forward to, even if the trailers aren’t as good as say, Star Wars.


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