Transparent – S2E3 – New World Coming review

Screenshot 2015-12-13 at 16.21.59.png


For the characters of Transparent, life is never simple. It’s this persistent sense of melancholy and despair that permeates every inch of not just this episode, but pretty much all of them that makes is such a watchable show.

From Josh and Raquels subtle despair to Alis continued struggle with her identity, and her feelings towards best friend Syd. Sarah is continually pressing self destruct on her life, this time popping to see ex husband Len and Barb, on her weekend off from the kids, and under false pretences.

You’d think that Maura would be the happiest, after finally being able to live as she wants after years of repression, but not so much. Just because she’s gone through her own struggles, it doesn’t mean she’s any form of saint. In this episode we learn about her years at University (or College) and how she denied women the chance to write in the editorial.

She may apologize now, but there still seems to be some lingering resentment there, especially towards this perceived nemesis we’re introduced to this week.

The episode ends with a hard scene to watch as Josh comes home to find Raquel ready to propose, only to dismiss her saying that she doesn’t trust him. It’s an asshole thing to say, but it’s indicative of their relationship, they both don’t seemingly trust each other.

It was another solid and entertaining episode, with great music choices and lovely cinematography.

Rating: B+  8/10


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