Snarks and Rec: A review of Sisters


There’s a lot to love about Sisters, all of it coming from the irrepressible and likeable powerhouse duo of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who, after storming the Golden Globes on multiple occasions, and with a famous real life friendship, have now collaborated on a film for the first time in a while.

It’s fair to say that after the success of Bridesmaids, and the likes of Trainwreck this year, funny women are finally coming to the forefront more and more in the male dominated comedy market, and I couldn’t be happier. With the director of Pitch Perfect, a film I really love, and an SNL alum writer, it’s not just up to Poehler and Fey to carry the most weight, but, in the end, this is their vehicle.

They’ve brought along their friends as well, Maya Rudolph is brilliant as an uptight rival, and the rest of the cast is fleshed out with recognisable faces, each of them as funny as the two leads. Most memorable are, Bobby Moynihan as the friend who tries to be funny, but isn’t, and Greta Lee as Hae-Won, the scene stealer of the film’s funniest moment, set inside a Salon/Spa.

A perfect one-two joke between Lee and Poehler is perhaps the films best scene, and it didn’t stop being funny. In fact the film is consistently funny, with both snarky, bitchy humour and witty one liners, even during its more heart to heart moments, it manages to retain its humour, even as it escalates.

Sisters, unlike Bridesmaids or Trainwreck, doesn’t deal with single life, but rather growing up. Maura and Kate struggle with the idea of their parents giving up their childhood home, so they throw an epic party that ends up the only way these sorts of parties can, with a lot of mess to clean up.

Things to do escalate quickly, and it’s funny to watch, even when it’s perhaps a little too on the zany side, especially when it had been quite smart beforehand. There are also a few too many endings, but there was never a boring moment, and once it got into its mojo, 20-30 minutes in, it became a blast.

With a smart script, musing on ageing and growing up, great laughs, and fantastic lead performances from Poehler and Fey, Sisters may be one of the best comedies of the year.

If like me, Amy Poehler has been endeared to you by the superb Parks and Rec, then you’ll want to see the film for her. As it is, without the warm recognition of Leslie Knope, this is a film featuring two comediennes in their primes, Sisters is a terrific film.

Rating: B+  8/10



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