Round the world and back again (or Time, Space and Papyrus)

It’s been a holiday to remember.

2 weeks in sunny, and often sweltering Orlando, Florida, rides, slides, animals, food, walking, food, surprises, food and a lot of swimming.

My highlights include seeing a man play the saxophone, having a delicious French Toast Slam at Denny’s, going to Aquatica and experiencing the Roa’s Rapids for the first time, going to Florida Mall and geeking out at the nerdy shops, enjoying a relaxing day at Discovery Cove (with unlimited buffet), and walking round the world at Epcot for the first time…oh and my girlfriend proposing to me.

Apart from being ill at the beginning, tired and hot for most of the other time and having issues with hotel housekeeping, it’s been a blast. Other than getting engaged, I’ve had other exciting, life changing things happen, which I won’t go into now, but it’s been a time of surprises.

Seeing America again reminds me how much I like it, and how I want to move here one day. Coming with my girlfriend and her family has been a lovely experience, and one I plan to repeat in the future.

The Avanti hotel was lovely, the pool was nice. The I-ride that takes you up I-Drive was wonderful and the people generally friendly.

With my suitcase packed with presents, for me and for family, and a whole heap of uni work to catch up on, I look forward to returning home, an exciting future ahead of me.

P.S. The Time, Space and Papyrus refers to the fact we went on the journey through time ride at Epcot, they mentioned that Papyrus was the earliest form of paper and Amy and I said that it was a journey of Time, Space and Papyrus.


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