The Walking Dead – S6E8 – Start to Finish review


Spoilers Obvs

This is my earliest ever The Walking Dead review as I’m in America and can see it LIVE.

I love the beginning with the use of ‘Tiptoe through the Tulips’ as the ants crawl over the old food. Metaphor!!

I like its continued use, as they rush into the bedroom as the kid watches in horror.

Who DOESN’T hate Ron? Anybody? No, I thought not.

Yeah, Deanna was always going to die, but she got an awful lot of deathbed to talk on. A bit disappointed that no one I cared about died, but also relieved.

Excellent Carol vs Morgan fight. Carol remains the sneakiest of them all but worried about Denise nooo.

The end with them walking through the horde was kinda cool, but a bit anticlimactic. There wasn’t a whole lot of anything really going on to be honest.

That’s about it really. It was a fine episode, kinda tense, kinda scary, some good direction and writing choices. Shame Maggie got sidelined yet again. It’s not THE finale, but still, it could’ve been bigger, just a tad disappointing. Ah well.

Anyway. that this show done for a few months. See you in February.

Rating: B-  6/10

P.S. Interesting prologue with the first mention of Negan.


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