Doctor Who – S9E11 – Heaven Sent review

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Wow. That was the best episode of Doctor Who in a long while. From the opening seconds Heaven Sent had a completely different feel from every episode this season, and for its running time it kept the same feel whilst building on its mystery to a big finish.

Peter Capaldi is superb as The Doctor, wandering alone throughout his own personal prison, being followed by a veiled figure. Stephen Moffat has written his best script since the Silence in the Library and Director, Rachel Talalay manages to craft everything into one beautiful, creepy opera, this is an instant classic

The music from, presumably, Murray Gold is also wonderful and perfectly fitting and the cinematography is better than ever.

I frankly loved it. The pacing, the music, the script. With all the reservations that I’ve had of Doctor Who in the last couple of years, they’re mostly forgotten when you get an episode of this quality. It’s truly excellent.

I love the building mystery, the mind palace style thoughts, the creepy creature, all of the elements, culminating in a terrific end, which even though I knew what was going to happen, provided an excellent twist of an ending.

He had been there for years, millions of years, and it was something presumably masterminded by the Timelords, and as well as the reveal of the whole Hybrid thing, which I don’t much care for, we also discover that he was basically in his confession dial the whole time. Which is ingenious.

Perhaps it was that I knew the twists beforehand, but they did feel a bit obvious when you knew. Yet again, I was still hugely surprised by how engaging the episode was.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. You may have the issue of the Timelords being back in the background at the end, the Day of the Doctor still kinda messed up the timeline, but for now, this was an excellent singular story that deconstructed The Doctor just after the death of one of his best friends.

Rating: A-  9/10


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