Jessica Jones – S1E2 – Crush Syndrome review

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Light Spoilers

I love Jessica Jones.

She’s the hero we deserve, somebody haunted by her past traumas, but determined to stop anyone from going through what she’s had to go through. Ritter is perfect. She’s snarky, she’s tough, but she’s also vulnerable. She’s what I’ve been waiting for, and she’s perfect.

The second episode is just as good as the fantastic pilot. It’s soaked in Noir, dripping in shadow and atmosphere, but, when it needs to be it’s genuinely funny. Whether Jessica dressed in a colourful Nurses outfit, or Luke Cage rolling his eyes as a group of hooligans try to fight him, only for their assaults to bounce off him like they were a gang of particularly violent moths.

This is the key thing, the great balance the show has of darkness and light. It’s grim, yes, but it can be funny too, and emotional, then it can be genuinely horrifying leaving you with a distinct feeling of unease.

Again, even though he’s barely in it, David Tennant’s Kilgrave is the greatest TV villain in recent memory, and we haven’t even seen him properly yet. He’s everywhere, in the shadows, in the minds of those he’s oppressed and controlled. The perpetual, relentless foreboding atmosphere encroaches every scene, who knew that David Tennant could be that scary.

The cinematography is still wonderful, whether an out of focus shot of New York, or a neon blur in the background, the shows look is its own character, not only looking like a comic book page, but feeling original at the same time.

The rest of the cast continues to be great, Luke Cage is engaging, Trish Walker, Jones’ best friend, advising Jessica and learning self defence, is magnetic and just about everyone else brings, wit or strength to their wide ranging roles.

As for the plot, the detective format works the best because she’s focusing on smaller cases as she attempts to track down, or uncover the mystery of, Kilgrave. It leads to recap a large moment from the past, Kilgrave getting hit by the bus, takes her to meet the disabled driver who wants to die, and on to the professor who’s living in fear of Kilgrave, and losing his mind.

The final scene of Kilgrave, his face constantly obscured, walking into a families home, telling them to do whatever he wants, as they do it with smiles on their faces, is utterly shiver inducing. What a scene. This man’s influence is terrifying.

Overall, another excellent episode. I cannot wait to watch more. Jessica Jones is something really special.

Rating: A-  9/10



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