The Walking Dead – S6E7 – Heads Up review

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Massive spoilers

Well there we are then.

I’m not down on this episode like a lot of people. Yes, there is a sense that the writers backed themselves into a corner by having Schroedinger’s Glenn being both dead and alive until someone opened the dumpster, it’s a wholly unsatisfying death if he was dead, and a cop out if he had survived. Yet, you know what. When I saw him crawl out from under Nicholas’s gutted carcass and under the dumpster, I couldn’t help grinning.

Glenn’s alive, Enid gave him some water and they released some balloons outside Alexandria to alert the people inside that they’re alive. Then everything goes tits up again as Chekhov’s tower collapses onto the gate at the episode’s end. Boom. Mid season finale time.

I’m happy that Glenn is alive for now, and the falling of the tower spells a tense and thrilling hour for next week’s episode, so I’m happy with that. Season 6 is undoubtedly the best, and Glenn’s fake death wasn’t as unforgivable as Beth’s real death last season, so I’m happy to keep watching positively.

What we’ve had so far is a very clever story structure, taking 8 episodes to tell 2 days worth of story, each episode focusing on different people (for the most part), and I’m glad it was done this way. Yes, the whole Glenn issue has been a problem, but unless he dies next episode, then let’s just forget it for the moment and get on with some full on zombie carnage.

There’s still a whole dearth of characters to fear for, from Denise and Tara to Carol and Daryl, our favourite characters are on the precipice of danger right now, and whilst I don’t want them to die, someone has to sooner or later.

Elsewhere it was a good episode, Morgan and Carol reached loggerheads at the end, with the guy Morgan has tied up the catalyst. That annoying kid got a gun, which I swore he was about to shoot Carl with, and Rick continues to be angry at the Alexandrians, who are all surely about to be very dead.

Still, that final moment of the tower collapsing was a big bell tolling, and I really can’t wait to see the outcome.

Rating: B  7/10

P.S. Who doesn’t love Tara aye?

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