The Walking Dead – Season 6 Episode 6 -Always Accountable review

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Spoiler warning

Then again, I’m a few days late with this review, so most of you will have seen it.

It was a great episode, focusing, yet again, on another set of people. This time we catch up with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha, as they get sidetracked on their way back home.

They get attacked, get separated and Daryl ends up getting captured by 3 people, running from some unseen baddies. All of this takes place in a blackened and burnt forest, making everything but the people, look black and white, and starkly effective.

Daryl escapes, then comes back when he realizes they’re ok, only to have one get eaten by plasticy melted greenhouse zombies, and the two others steal Daryl’s crossbow and bike. Bummer.

Elsewhere, Abraham and Sasha bond, and grow. Abraham has an encounter with a bizarre impaled zombie, and gets a rocket launcher and some cigars, which feel like very Abraham things to have.

Both are effective stories, and the episode doesn’t really flag, even though all the story beats have been done before. There’s plenty of nice imagery, effects and performances. I like the 3 characters, and I’m glad they’re ok for now.

The ending was cool with them being reunited then hearing someone on the radio say “Help”. Glenn? Hopefully.

Anyway, it was a great episode, not boring, plenty of good stuff, keeps the quality of the season going nicely.

Rating: B  7/10


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