Tales from the Wasteland: Uni IV


So it was hand in time for Sound of the Story, handing in my portfolio bang on the dot at 4, after not being able to find the relocated hand-in room, but it got in, and I completed what needed to be done after recording some last sounds on the Sunday.

Then the next day we were given our next project, to re-record sounds for an existing film or our own previous project, but I chose the classic silent horror film ‘Nosferatu’, and I look forward to getting on that in the coming weeks.

What next, well, we had two FMP meetings, the first of which left me annoyed and down. They just keep knocking you down, when we liked our ideas, and they want it to make it less subtle. The next meeting went better, but they don’t seem to get what we’re trying to do, but oh well. Need to write a treatment next, I like our idea, and I get on with my group, I just want to do something productive with it for once, instead of having to keep changing things.

Anyway, I also had my Avid exam, which I failed of course, but did better than I thought I would. The test was rescheduled for next week, but I’ll get into why I can’t do it later. We got told what we’ll be doing in the coming weeks, learning about the editing projects we must accomplish, and I look forward to it.

There was also TV Futures which is fine, but I’ll be away when I should be doing the presentation, but I can do it when I get back.

So yeah, it’s been another ok couple of weeks at Uni.

Outside of it, Amy, Chris (Girlfriend and Housemate) and I had some Pizza, and played some Fallout 4. Chris has been waiting for it for ages and it finally came out, and he let Amy and me play it too. It’s a super fun game, I may not be a huge gamer, and I’m not that good at it, but as I go along, I enjoy it more. Exploring the wasteland is my new favourite thing, it’s a kinder environment than Uni at the moment.

Now, on the 20th, it’s just a few days till Amy, her family and I go on a 2 week holiday to Orlando, Florida. I can’t wait, as it’s my first time, and I get to spend time going around all the Disney parks, even though I’ll be on my own, I look forward to taking my new laptop and sitting in cafes or Starbucks and writing.

So yeah, I get an awesome new Chromebook, which doesn’t overheat, make loud noises and work slowly, so it’s far better and I’m going on holiday soon.

That’s all I have to say for now, I’ll have no Uni for a while, but I may blog about the holiday.

See you then. The vault is closed for now.


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