Do you cry at Films?


As an avid watcher of Films and Television, I don’t just stare blankly at the screen, appreciating the script or the cinematography, I do, but for me the experience of a show is so much more than that. When I watch something, I want to feel. That doesn’t mean that I’m an empty shell in life, I think I have a pretty good handle on my emotions, but when it comes to a show or a movie, I like to be made to experience an emotion, if I don’t, I don’t feel like it’s quite done its job for me.

I watch a horror film to be scared, I watch a comedy to laugh, and, when it’s right, I will let myself be swept along by the emotion of a film, sad or happy, I will happily have a good cry, or just tear up a bit, at a film or show. In fact, it’s something I’m more than happy to admit, that I can cry at films, and will happily enjoy a scary horror film just for the fear.

There are many people who will say how ridiculous it is to cry at a film/show, “It’s not real”, they’ll say, but then maybe that’s just them. See I love stories, and the greatest stories are the ones that make you care about the characters, and caring for the characters usually comes part in parcel with emotional responses to situations in their lives.

I find it almost disappointing if I don’t quite shed a tear, not majorly, I’m not weird, but y’know, it’s something I actively consider a plus, when I get to that level of emotional vulnerability. Sometimes there’s a certain feeling, one I can’t quite describe, in which I think a scene is particularly melancholic, when I’m not left crying, but I feel immensely touched, and connected to the characters.

It’s a combination of excellent writing, performance and music, or lack of, that usually sell me on the emotional resonance of a scene. It might be subtle, it might be bigger, but it’s the step that might sometimes be a lot bigger than crying.

Crying at a film or show is usually related to something sad, but crying at something joyfully happy is just as affecting. The moment when two love-torn characters finally kiss in a burst of emotion, or someone completes a personal goal, these are the moments that engage you with the people on screen, making them flesh. If you can cry along with their joys and their sorrows, then you might engage more with the film/show.

A hand full of my favorite TV/Film sad moments

  • The Body – Buffy
  • Beginning of UP
  • Fathers note – Gavin and Stacey

As somebody who loves these forms of media, and loves to talk about them, then I want it to be known that, I love to laugh, I love to be scared and, when it’s right, when it means that I’ve been emotionally touched, I love to cry.

So, do you cry at films or a TV show? What do you feel about the subject, do you think that by be open with these emotions, then you enjoy it better? I’d like to see what people think really.

Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “Do you cry at Films?

  1. The bit at the start of UP gets me every time, without fail. I like that you talked about this cos I always think it’s interesting to see how people react to shows/movies. I personally find that it takes quite a lot for me to laugh out loud (especially if I’m alone) whereas I’ve noticed other people will be in hysterics at things – but I do find that I cry REALLY easily at things, whether it’s because something’s sad or emotional or whatever. I cry at the start of Disney movies when the castle comes up on the screen, I guess cos it stirs up such nostalgic feelings for me and reminds me of DLP :’) Great post!

    • Yeah I think it is a bit harder to laugh when you’re on your own. I know what you mean about the logo, I sometime get like that about the Pixar logo, not everything sad makes me cry, but sometimes I can be surprised by what can make me cry. Thank You though for your kind words, it means a lot that people enjoy my posts 🙂

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