Master of None – Season 1 Part 2 review

Screenshot 2015-11-13 22.56.18

Yeah, I love this show.

Indians on TV, The Other Man and Nashville were all excellent episodes, better than the first 3, only because I had fallen into the shows groove. Firstly, this show is extremely, and refreshingly open about race, sexuality and gender, I know that the next episode is big on the subject of the differences between women and men dating, and I think that it’s done with such ease, and a light touch that it makes you question why other shows find it so hard.

Episode 4 was about Dev trying to break the stereotypes of Indian people on TV, after getting accidentally sent a racist e-mail. It’s a wonderfully bold story, that is being told so eloquently, perhaps because it’s on Netflix and not broadcast TV.

Episode 5 was about Dev struggling with his ethics, when it came to having sex with a married woman. It’s not as groundbreaking as the previous few episodes, but it takes some nice twists and turns, and features a good role from Claire Danes.

Episode 6 is a fantastic episode, which see’s the return of Rachel, who takes a trip to Nashville with Dev and we get an episode of them just hanging out, bouncing natural dialogue off each other, and for me, it’s exactly what I like to see. Two people with excellent chemistry, bonding and developing.

She may be Dev’s love interest in the show, but she’s thoroughly well developed and wholly loveable. I just want to see more of her.

An episode started with ‘Walk on the Wildside’ which is a fab song, and is the sort of thing I love.

This is such a unique show, it’s entertaining and engaging, funny, but not in an obvious way, and it’s emotion and honesty is worn on its sleeve. Good job to all involved.


4: B+

5: B+

6: B+


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