Doctor Who – Series 9 Episode 9 – Sleep No More review



So. The monsters were the dust in the corner of your eye. Right.


What happened at the end? I mean, that was a creepy image with Reece Shearsmith at the end, but I don’t get it, what was the resolution?

The episode had nice moments, the use of Mr Sandman appealed directly to my sensibilities, and the whole feel of the episode was very Alien/s, but C’mon, it turns out the cameras are the eyes of the weird eye dust????

Also, those monsters sounded and kind of looked like the curry monster from Red Dwarf.

But yeah, it had good creepy stuff, some good jokes, performances and the rest, but what was actually going on? Unlike the Water base two parter earlier in the season, you didn’t get to know any of the characters, and it was pretty much the same plot right.

Creepy abandoned base? Check

Ragtag Crew who get picked off one by one? Check

A mysterious Pod? Check

So yeah, I don’t think I’ll watch this one again.

Rating: C+  5/10


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