Nerdgasm – My First Con (Brighton Film and TV Comic-Con)

Comic Con

On Sunday (8th November) I went to my first ever Comic-Con with my girlfriend Amy, and it was an absolutely incredible experience, one that I want to repeat again and again, we both loved it so much. 

Firstly we went there to see James Marsters, but we got far more out of the experience than we had first thought we would.

We got up at 5:30 in Southampton to get the train, we had a couple of changes, including a bus, but we finally got there. We had paid extra to get an early bird pass (to get in at 9, before 11) and so when we got there, working our way into the building, we weren’t overcrowded by lots of people.

It was fantastic, stalls all over the place filled with things that I love, from nerdy shows that I love, it was too much to take in and we skimmed past everything once, planning to take longer looks over the day. Then we went upstairs, and it became even better.

For some reason I had no idea that all the guest celebs would all be sitting behind tables, waiting for people to come get an autograph. Suddenly I looked down the line of people and saw Rene Auberjonois, famous for playing Odo in ‘Deep Space Nine’, amongst other things, and to be honest, I was quite flustered. I like his character and he seems like someone I’d want to meet, but I didn’t expect to be this flustered to see him.

It’s because I didn’t know that I’d be so close to these people that I’d been watching for years, and suddenly he was right there, in shouting distance. After some convincing from my girlfriend I went up to him, getting an autographed picture, a, for charity, autographed picture of Odo’s bucket from DS9. It was a fantastic experience, and It was my first proper contact with a celebrity, he took a picture of me holding up the photo and put it on his Twitter, which was amazing.

It didn’t end there though, I also met Zombie movie legend George A. Romero, which was awkward cause an autograph cost more than I thought so I had to root around in my wallet for a couple of minutes looking for the money. But, I shook his hand and he signed a picture of him and Simon Pegg and said that If I were to meet Simon Pegg, I should get him to sign it too.

Then after that me and Amy met James Marsters, a famously nice man, who is one of my favourite characters from my favourite ever show. We met him first as he gave us an autograph, signed for Amy with “Bite Me” written on it. He shook our hands and said we’d see him later at the photo shoot. Which we did, and even though the photo taking was quite fast, it was worth the wait.

He told Amy that she had a “great smile” and he did a funny pose with me, which was nice. The third time we saw him was at his Q and A talk, which was funny and really nice. He filmed the crowd cheering and put it up online, you can just about see me. He was a genuinely interesting and nice man to listen to and Amy and I loved hearing him speak.

Whilst we waited in the James marsters queue for about an hour we met a group of people, some cosplaying, and chatted to them about Buffy and some other nerdy shows for a while. That was super great because it was about becoming part of a community, instead of just going and looking at stuff. There’s not many great avenues for nerdiness a lot of the time, especially cause I’m introverted, but going to the Con with Amy really awakened something in me, and I’d love to go and interact more and more.

I’m even thinking of becoming one of the volunteers for Showmasters for a bit, they’re the company that organises these Cons, that would be awesome. So, what with the three autographed pictures, meeting awesome people and interacting with people who love the same stuff I do, it made this Brighton Film and TV Comic-Con one of my highlights of the year.


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