The Walking Dead – Season 6 Episode 5 – Now review

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It’s been the day from hell.

5 episodes in and we’ve just reached night time. Glenn is possibly dead somewhere, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are miles away luring half a horde across the country, most of Alexandria is scared or dead by a surprise Wolves attack, Carol is off having a sit down somewhere, as is Morgan, but then again, he has a Wolf chained up in a basement and a massive crowd of zombies are banging about outside the reinforced walls of what they call home.

A lot has happened, and for the previous 4 episodes we’ve been through a variety of emotions, from fear to heartbreak, humour to excitement. It’s been a wild ride in Season 6 so far, and it’s been wonderful. Sadly, ‘Now’, doesn’t really do a lot. It’s set entirely in Alexandria and focuses on some of the characters we either don’t care about, or don’t care about enough.

Its primary focus is on the members of Alexandria, Deanna, Jessie, Spencer and Ron, and while you have interesting development for the likes of Dr Denise, Tara, Maggie and Aaron, we just want to get back to the excitement. It’s great to have a breather, but once we know the characters outside of the wall are safe, then we’ll be happy to rest.

I appreciate that the writers want to make us wait to discover Glenns demise, but C’mon, give us a bone. Alexandria has given the show an extra oomph in these last two seasons, but the people still aren’t that interesting. Apart from Dr Denise, Aaron and maybe Jessie, I will forget about everyone else once they’re dead. Luckily the members of our core group are all great, from Rick to Rosita, it’s a good bunch, the problem is they’ve had little to do this season.

The way in which the writers have spread the story across the first half of the season has been very effective and definitely interesting, but it gives short thrift to everyone. It’s kind of a cheat, it means that it’s easier to keep each episode interesting, because it’s focused on smaller stories around a bigger picture, but it means that Carol gets one awesome episode, followed by barely any screen time, which is a shame.

Even though next week will focus on Daryl, Abraham and Sashsa, it’s surely about time that everyone comes together again for a full scale shit show. Trouble is I kinda don’t want anyone to die. I’m invested in most of the cast, the main survivors plus Denise and Aaron, and I want them all to make it.

But yeah, it was a fine episode, with many key great moments.

.Tara and Denise just kissed for the first time…Hooray!!

.Maggie and Aaron have bonded in a sewer, and Maggie is pregnant!!!

.Maggie got some stuff to do for once, please say she has a lot of things to do in the future.

.Maggie and Aaron bonding.

.Some of the Alexandrians learning to kill, kind of

BUT, not enough Morgan, Carol, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene or Sasha. Thin the herd is my advise, just not with anyone I like ok.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 19.21.48 Screenshot 2015-11-09 19.49.30 Screenshot 2015-11-09 19.52.03 Screenshot 2015-11-09 19.58.16

Rating: B  7/10


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