Merry 4th of November (Uni: Part 3)


It’s been another 2 weeks of uni, and there have been developments in the world of FMP. On Monday we received an e-mail from out tutor telling us he didn’t like our idea and to change it, which was a bummer, considering we had a meeting with them the next day. Luckily, during a bus journey back to Southampton I came up with a single, new, much better idea, that we ran and approached the teachers with.

They liked it, we just need an ending. So the last two weeks have been about trying to get that ending sorted out. It’s a much more enjoyable idea now, and one that we can film on the Isle of Wight, which is great. I’m super glad that I’m not stuck in a group with people I don’t like, or don’t feel confident speaking up too. So, in that respect, it’s going great.

Elsewhere, in Sound of the Story, we’re approaching our first deadline. Which was in 3 weeks. We have to create a portfolio of sounds, and a document of 2,000 words, not in an essay, no, but a manual for our future use. It’s kind of confusing, but there we go.

We went to an hemi-anechoic chamber, which was weird, but cool, and got shown around an ADR studio, with dubbing/Foley booth and all this equipment, which we can’t get taught yet because our tutors haven’t booked us in to do it yet.


It’s good fun, and although the hand in is looming, it’s really not that hard….is it?

TV futures continues. I have a good teacher, and am working with two friends, so it’s all good. I’ll be on holiday during the time when we need to do the presentation, but if I do plenty of work beforehand, it should be fine, thus it continues with a fairly uninteresting subject, but presented with a good deal of spirited discussion.

At time of writing this, our third lesson of Post has finished, next week is the exam, and I need to revise. Lesson is awful, nobody can learn when you just have to sit and listen to someone reading from a book, but this weekend I will revise, I promise.

There was a visit from a fellow called Walter Murch, famous sound recordist and editor on films such as Apocalypse Now and The Godfather trilogy. Plus, he also directed Return to Oz, one of my childhood film.


Outside of uni, life in Southampton continues. Autumn is upon us, the leaves swamp the paths and the bitter chill is setting in. For Halloween, my housemates and I made a cake, which was damned tasty and we tidied the house, ready for house viewings to begin for the next round of students.

We also began putting up Christmas decorations, on November 4th, with some nice lights around the house, and because of the recently tidied rooms, and the warm heating, things feel cosy and comfortable in Southampton.


What next? Well on Sunday the 8th, me and my girlfriend are going to Brighton Film and TV comic-con for the day, to meet James Marsters (Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Early to rise, especially for my girlfriend who will be getting a boat at one in the morning. She’s amazing, I love her so much.

After that, it’ll be just over two weeks before my girlfriend, her family and I jet off for two weeks to Orlando Florida, which I can’t wait for.

Then, a brief day trip to London, then Christmas, then the final half, of my final year.

Daunting and exciting in equal measure. As long as I have Amy, I can handle anything.

Speak again in 2 weeks.


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