The Walking Dead – Season 6 – Here’s Not Here review

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Spoiler alert

There will be a lot of people clamouring to get answers to last week’s biggest question, is ***** really dead? Those who are dying to find out, will find themselves frustrated with the lack of anything but that one clue in the opening credits. However, this episode continues the trend of this current series of taking it slow, and having nearly each episode focus on a different character or group of characters.

This week we get to see what happened to Morgan after the events of ‘Clear’ in Season 3 and how he became the man of zen he is today. It turns out, he met up with a goat called Tabitha and learned how to wield a stick.

It’s a great low key episode that brings in one new character, Eastman, who teaches Morgan to reconcile his violence and anger, and not to kill anyone, no matter how evil. As the episode closes with Morgan having captured the member of The Wolves he ‘killed’ at the end of JSS, and locking him in a room in Alexandria, it’s clear that maybe he believes that he won’t be able to rehabilitate him like Eastman did to him.

There’s a lot of great camerawork, performances and writing here. It’s a great script that subtly builds the relationship between these two men, who have lost so much, but have learnt how to be better men than they could have been. Eastman’s story is quite horrific, and pre-zombie outbreak as well, which makes it all the more painful. Morgan is also quite shocking when we see him brutally member two guys in the woods.

Set for a lot of the time in a small cabin, it’s well directed and creates an interesting and overarching story, that ties its themes into each other at the beginning and end. Even though there is a slight impatience with the designed, slow drip nature of this season’s story, 4 episodes and we’re still on the same day essentially, but this show is so well designed now, that multiple flashbacks feel like a blessing, rather than a curse.

It’s inevitable that Eastman died, and poor Tabitha, but it was a necessary episode for Morgan and his character. There’s clearly going to be some large story plot point involving his passiveness and the Wolves he fails/failed to kill, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

Overall, a solid episode that builds character well, and gives us the fourth great episode in a row. Now, we need to know if Glenn is alive or not…PLEASE.

Rating: B+  8/10


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