Short list: The Top 10 worst episodes of Doctor Who


A quick bottom 10 countdown, of my least favourite episodes of Doctor Who (2005 – Present).

10. Robot of Sherwood (2014) – Rubbish, silly and boring “historical” episode.

9. The Caretaker (2014) – The Doc goes undercover, and solves a mystery. Unoriginal and stretches whimsy.

8. The Next Doctor (2008) – Just after the incredible Season 4 finale, this was an awful Christmas special that was just pants.

7. Partners in Crime (2008) – Little creatures made of fat, and gurning from everyone involved.

6. The Magicians apprentice/The Witches Familiar (2015) – Retconning, stupid posturing and overuse of good villains.

5. Into the Dalek (2014) – Don’t remember anything about it

4. Nightmare in Silver (2013) – What the hell happened here?

3. The Bells of St. Johns (2013) – That bike scene. A rubbish modern day story.

2. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (2012) – A case of coming up with a title first, and writing the plot after. So stupid.

1. Time of The Doctor (2013) – The episode that made me lose all faith in Doctor Who. An abysmal final episode for Matt Smith, and a poor introduction for Peter Capaldi.

So yeah, there are other episodes of Doctor Who that I don’t like, but I thought these were the 10 worst. Obviously you may disagree with me, but this is just how I feel at the moment 🙂


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