The Walking Dead – Season 6 Episode 3 – Thank You review

Screenshot 2015-10-26 22.09.59

Following on from last week’s action packed, holy shit-show, can this episode, which follows Michonne, Rick and Glenn as they continue to lure away the hordes, better it. Well no. It’s not as good. However, it does have many significant scenes, one in particular, which has caused much speculation online.

There be spoilers ahead

Well, Glenn died, a bit. Or did he? That’s been the speculation on the internet all day, and I gotta say, I kind of believe that’s he’s not snuffed it.

Firstly, all day I knew that there was a big death scene in this episode, and all the reviews for the episodes that sites had been posting, had Glenn’s face plastered on the front, cluing me into the fact that it was his final bow. Also, throughout the episode, there had been slight hints and illusions to his fate, even though the show had played the ‘is Glenn going to die’ card, more than once before.

Then it came. My heart was pounding, I thought it might actually be Michonne for a moment, I thought maybe Nicholas would push Glenn off the dumpster, but, in the end it went down differently. Nicholas, as the coward he never could resist, shot himself after telling Glenn “Thank You”, then proceeding to fall on him, knocking him to the ground.

Then we saw Glenn get ripped to shreds. BUT, much internet sleuthery has posed the following as evidence that dear old Glenn, may not be, in fact, zombie food.

One: Nicholas clearly fell on top of Glenn as they fell.

Screenshot 2015-10-26 23.13.11

Two: Those were ‘Nicholas’s’ intestines being pulled from his chest?

Screenshot 2015-10-26 23.14.18

Three: He should totally been unconscious here

Screenshot 2015-10-26 23.14.35

Four: He knows how to cover himself in blood and hide from Zombie noses

Five: No appearance or death montage on The Talking Dead

So yeah, I don’t believe he’s dead. I think he will wake up in the alley in some episodes time and get found by some new characters, or get kidnapped by hugely popular comic book villain character Negan and die again. That’s just me though.

The scene in which he died was genuinely emotional though. The music was hugely effective and it was directed very well, with all other sound being left out.

The rest of the episode was good. A lot of deaths, and violence. Michonne was great and Rick had a neat bit, in which he runs with a bleeding hand, only to be ambushed by The Wolves in the Camper van, then zombies, as it fails to start.

Great music, cinematography and nice character work. Not as good as last weeks, but good enough. Not a sign of the show declining again thankfully.

Now, do we really have to see Maggie cry at the news of Glenn’s demise?

Rating: B  7/10


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