Nothing to Fear: A review of Fear Itself

Fear Itself (2015)

Fear Itself (2015)

Fear Itself isn’t a documentary, and it isn’t a film, It instead lies somewhere in-between the two, I would describe it as a sort of video essay, with a fictional thread tied into a dissection of why we, as an audience, love Horror films.

The film utilises clips from a hundred years of horror cinema, with a narration running over the top of a woman, at first describing a traumatic event, then beginning to discuss fear, and why we crave these films so much. It goes into detail on the darkest recesses of humanity, using the film clips not as a showcase for the films, but using the clips as an affirmation of the spoken point.

It is a fascinating watch, as you turn off the lights, stick in your headphones and are kind of transfixed by this mellow Scottish voice that, with the accompanying images of black and white cinema, or dark blue hued windows, is strangely relaxing. It also made me jump out of my skin once, and had me covering my eyes at other times, but that was part of the atmosphere that the film created.

Screenshot 2015-10-26 11.55.24

It made you think, it made you feel, and it was enjoyable seeing these clips from great films, even if some of them were too grotesque to look at. Overall, it was an often enthralling watch, and something I’d recommend every horror fan seek out.

Rating: A  10/10


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