Tip of the Tongue (Uni: A Continuation)


So, I know I’m not great at voice work. I’ve always disliked my voice on film (Who doesn’t?), now, after having to use my voice to read out various pieces of VO text, I realise that I just can’t accomplish it. I speak too quickly, and I can’t inflect. I can slow it down or I can inflect, but not at the same time.

This was Sound of the Story, a pretty great lesson that we had a great guest lecturer for, Pauline Brandt, who was a great presence in the class, providing a different perspective on the subject. She started off the lesson by telling us relaxation techniques and asking what we wanted to be when we were 11. As a voice coach all of her ideas came from the need for the voice to be projected properly, and whilst it wasn’t what I was expecting, it ended up being interesting.

On Wednesday my FMP group and I met up to discuss our idea and develop it, we now have a new member which makes our group a round and more confident 4. Last week we approached out tutors with the idea, and some changes were asked for, so we’ve now developed it and I think that it’s a lot better, and I hope that they like it.

On Thursday we finally started Post Production, and we are learning, in preparation for an exam in two weeks, a new editing program called Avid. The lesson consists of using the program whilst we get chapters of a book thrown at us, with little time to pause or practice, Thankfully we do have a book, which means we can work on it at home, which may be easier than sitting in that classroom, my eyes crusting over.


Still, it’s only for three weeks. If I revise at home I should pass the test, even though in the previous class only 4 out of 13 passed.

Friday, though is always a great lesson. It’s because we have a great teacher who engages with everybody, and makes a fairly uninteresting subject a lot more interesting. Me and my two friends are in a group together, working on the new media programme that we have to create for the lesson, and for a Friday class, it’s a light and enjoyable way to end the week.

So far this year has been a lot more enjoyable than last year. I’m working with good people and If I do the work out of class, I believe that it can continue to go well.

Teeth and the Lips

P.S. The Tip of the Tongue thing is what Pauline taught us to do befo


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