University the Third


I’m two weeks into the third year of my University course and at the moment I’m more positive about it than the previous two years had led me to believe. I’m currently doing 3 of the 4 lessons I’m scheduled for this term, Sound of the Story, TV Futures and FMP, with Post Production to begin later this month. All, so far, have proved hopeful, albeit boring during long periods of lecturer talking.

Sound of the Story is my new option for the final year, where we will be looking at how Sound and Sound effects are used in Post Production editing to enhance the story. This is a fairly new interest for me, after realising that it seemed like an interesting and useful area to cover, particularly as I love to create soundscapes and utilise music in effective ways, when editing.

So far we’ve learnt about new sound equipment and watched clips from famous sound editors and it’s been enjoyable, and I look forward to creating a portfolio of sound effects in the coming weeks.

In TV futures we learn and discuss broadcast TV and how it’s changed and been affected by the internet. The lectures involve looking at slideshows, but the seminars feature discussions and group work, in the class in town, which gives it a comfortable end of the week feel. When it comes to the massive essay we have to write, I feel confident that I can do it, if It doesn’t get left until the last minute.

Then we have Final Major Project, which is the great big challenge of this year, in which we will spend all of our time to produce one large project of our choosing. For this, I am in a group with two friends, which gives me great confidence as I won’t be as shy or timid when it comes to putting forward my opinions and ideas. It’s just the three of us, which isn’t a perfect number, but it is doable, and at the moment we have a fairly solid idea to build upon, and I’m not yet in any stage of panic mode.

Finally is Post Production two which is the continuation of my choice from last year, having discovered that not only did I enjoy editing, but I felt like I was good at it, and had got praise for various editing works. It hasn’t yet started, because they are preparing for us to learn and then take an exam on a new editing program (Avid), and it’s a tad nerve racking, but once that’s over I look forward to go getting back to editing things again.

Overall, I’m happy with the way this third year is going (touch wood), last year was a disappointment and somewhat of a failure, but with a renewed confidence and a great living situation in Southampton, I’m fully prepared for the coming months.


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