Fear the Walking Dead – Episode 6 – The Good Man review

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Here be spoilers

So, Sayonara Liza. You were a nice character who broke free from one dimensional writing and became a fairly interesting and well rounded person, who helped move the show forward and provided an anchor for its back half of the season. Someone was bound to die in this finale, and after 5 episodes of barely being able to count zombies on your hand, we get a full on hoard that tears the military a new one and gives us the first major character death of the show.

It’s a shame, the characters have all grown on me over the last few episodes, Liza especially, but in many ways hers seems like the best choice. She’s not as major a character as the main four, nor as minor as newcomer Strand, but she fits in the middle and is someone whose death is resonant enough to matter and affect the characters going into the future. Also, her history with Travis and Madison gives the end of this episode, meaning, albeit it’s not particularly clear why her death will be a good idea, writing wise, and as long as the show doesn’t fall into the trap of its parent show and kill off just for shock value.

Still, this was a strong finale to a strong run of episodes that developed the characters into interesting people with varied personalities and goals. There’s still issues with the characterisation, but as of this moment, things are in a good place to improve from and build upon the good work the writers have done thus far.

The show seems to be making better use of cinematography and music than its parent show. While The Walking Dead is great in those areas, the grimness of the imagery is a tad too unforgiving at times. Here though we get to spend a decent amount of time at the end in the sunshine, near the blue ocean, which is nice.

The rest of the episode is an exciting blend of zombie carnage and blinked horror. Blinked because the lights blink causing a strobe effect as the zombies close in on a trapped Nick and Strand. Speaking of Strand, I like him. He’s suave and smart and has the right idea when it comes to survival, Abigail turning out to be a boat off shore was a great touch, and a sensible step for the show, seeing LA is next to the ocean, it would make sense that people would take to the seas.

There’s a lot of great shots of LA skylines from up high and enough gore to appease the most bloodthirsty, whilst it’s not a perfect show, it still manages to solidly entertain as a good ol’ zombie shlock fest that has potential to be great and a brain to know how to make itself fresh and memorable.

I have confidence in Fear the Walking Dead, over 6 episodes it has become a better and sleeker show, lets see where it goes next shall we.

B+  8/10


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