Better off Bread

Screenshot 2015-10-09 22.26.08

This was my first year watching The Great British Bake Off, and I really got into it. I Loved the contestants, and the way the show is presented. Without frills or cynicism, it’s the exact opposite of corporate retch machine ‘The X Factor’ and I love it. I admit, I used to watch X Factor and Big Brother, but stopped 5 years ago, when it changed up its format or its channel. Now I couldn’t stand to watch them, but I do enjoy watching I’m a Celebrity every year though.

Bake Off is something different. There’s nothing of the glib, garishness of the feral fighting pits of those live competitions, but a real heart and it’s as lovely as a nice warm bath and a nice cup of tea on a rainy day. It’s fun, engaging and kind of exciting. You do root for the contestants and get emotional at pivotal moments, but it’s done with modesty, and without frills.

This year the finale pulled in nearly 14 million, which is a huge audience these days, not even counting time shift figures. It tripled the amount that Doctor Who is getting, and wiped X Factor off the table. Nadia won, Mary Berry cried and a unified nation cheered with glee, because there’s nothing cynical about a show where nice people make cakes, and isn’t that all we need to get us through the week.

I can’t wait for next year basically.


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