Doctor Who – Series 9 Episode 2 – The Witch’s Familiar review

The Witch's Familiar

I will be talking spoilers, just so I can be clear.

What was up with the Dalek sludge?, and the fact that when you’re a human, in a Dalek, you will say I am Dalek instead of I am (Clara)?. Since when were Dalek shells, something other than mobile scooters?

How did the Daleks come to be again? Why the heck are they various Daleks from the past?

How did Davros get there? What was the whole thing with The Doctors regeneration juice?

Why must The Doctor face his death every other week? His grave, his obituary, what next, his space casket?

Why is that the Daleks are so unscary now, we see them time and again, getting compromised so easily by simple switches, emotions or bloomin’ Dalek sludge.


The good things about this episode were Clara and Missy and the stick. Clara in the Dalek, the Dalek speaking like Clara. The long conversation between The Doctor and Davros was good, but severely undermined by the next scene, but Davros opening his eyes was great, but weird.

It was just another gloomy, posturing, platitude spouting unnecessarily confusing episode that did nothing for me, nor make me any bit more interested in the episodes coming up.

I cannot care about this show if we are continually barraged with the same stories, the same characters and a singular lack of danger if things are just going to be resolved in a strange and convoluted way. If the series begins with a story this grandiose then where are we going to be by the end of the series, ‘The end of everything ever’. But don’t worry, The Doctor has a magic pair of glasses, a guitar and a tank somehow, which, when you put them together they make a space button that reverses all the bad things, but still leaves everyone a bit sad.

And what is it with that damn sludge?

Rating: C+  5/10


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