Fear the Walking Dead – Episode 4 – Not Fade Away review

Screenshot 2015-09-24 15.53.45

So far this show has stumbled a bit in terms of its characterization, there has been a little bit of hollowness in some of the performances and we haven’t really been able to connect with the characters. Yet, with this fourth episode, we get far and above the best episode of the show so far.

It begins with ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed, which automatically makes me perk up, as I love music being used in interesting ways, and the juxtaposition of the supposedly happy community and the large fence is interesting. It doesn’t let itself down after that though, what happens is that we get an interesting and eventful episode that gives some of the least interesting main characters a chance to be interesting.

Liza and Chris get interesting arcs, both coming to the fore and being more than just Travis’s other family. Particularly Liza, who gets to be a nurse to members of the community, which leads to a big decision and a surprise twist for her character, that will have clear repercussions.

Elsewhere Travis and Madison act like a proper couple, both bringing new levels of performance, especially Madison, who starts to crack, getting angry at Nick and showing signs of change at the end. Nick, still dealing with going cold turkey, is still searching for something to make him feel better and Alicia is coming to terms with the death of her boyfriend, in not so good ways.

Overall the performances all seem to have been improved, making for one of the shows more engaging episodes. The cinematography is stylish and beautiful, the music is more appealing to the ear and the script is a lot tighter, bringing in new story elements whilst maintaining and refreshing old ones. The bubbling conflict between the members of the community and the ‘there’s something not quite right about them’ army officers, builds to a finale that will take the show in new unexpected directions.

It’s a great continuation of a show that you had only hoped would get better, if they sustain or build on this great episode, then we could be in for a more interesting and precise series than its parent show. Let’s see what happens.

Rating: B+  8/10


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