Indefinite Delay: A quick review of Last Passenger

Last Passenger (2013)

Last Passenger (2013)

“One Train, 6 Passengers, No Chance” says the tagline for this British thriller, about a late night train being taken over by a man supposedly on a suicide run into some buffers in Hastings, but whilst it may do everything by the book and in true disaster film form, it’s a fairly neat little thriller that will quite happily pass the time on a Sunday afternoon.

It has the usual varied personalties arguing in the face of danger, who begin to fall at the wayside in different ways, and the lead is a single father looking after his son, whilst flirting with the friendly and attractive, recently separated, female passenger he meets on the train. It is all done with a matter-of-factness, nice music, nice cinematography, but it ends with a ridiculous action set piece that doesn’t suit the rest of the film.

It doesn’t quite derail it, but it does jar. Luckily the rest of the film is good, British made, fluff. You won’t love it, but you might just like it, and that’s perfectly fine.


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