Fear the Walking Dead – Episode 3 – The Dog review

Screenshot 2015-09-14 13.11.53

This episode is set almost entirely in or around Madisons house, and reunites her with Travis, who brings along his family and the family from the barber shop.

The opening scene is nice as they attempt to traverse a full scale riot, it’s frenzied and scary as zombies mill about amongst people, though perhaps a bit unrealistic as the car they use to escape is luckily untouched. Still, it’s nicely shot and scored and shows the developing carnage, in the city at least. Back in suburbia, people still put out their bins in the morning, despite neighbours coming to munch on poor dogs.

The best stuff is when Madison, Nick and Alicia go next door to find the neighbours gun, the lighting is really 70’s chic and is completely reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead, which is nice. They confront a zombie, who gets his face blown off, and we say goodbye to a pet.

The characters are still a bit meh so far. Madison is increasingly stony faced, whilst the Salazars are defined by single traits. It’s still down to Nick and Alicia to elevate the drama, they are consistently given the most interesting stuff to do. Yet, it’s a good third episode, there may be an issue with pacing. Whereas the first episode was very slow, in a good way, the two episodes that have come since are perhaps a bit too fast. The writers haven’t got this right just yet.

Rating: B-  6/10


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