Fear the Walking Dead – Episode 2 – So Close, Yet So Far review

Screenshot 2015-09-01 22.22.34

A strong second episode that ups the carnage, but still keeps things moving at a slow pace, which I like. I love the build up of any zombie apocalypse, the tension, the signs of danger. Now this show is doing just that, and whilst its not perfect, its still pretty great.

The characters are getting deeper, most interesting is the relationship between brother and sister, Nick and Alicia, who have struggles but work great together as a dynamic. The show explores something interesting in having a junkie going through withdrawal during the beginning of the apocalypse, I look forward to seeing that continue.

Elsewhere the scene with Madison and Tobias in the school is effectively creepy as the metal detector goes off and they run down the deserted halls with stocks of food. The cinematography remains effectively dark and ominous and the music matches ‘The Walking Dead’ in its grim mood setting.

Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to more.

Rating: B  7/10


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