Blunt Talk Episode 1 review

Blunt Talk

Blunt Talk

Patrick Stewart plays disgraced news anchor Walter Blunt in this new series from, Starz, and the creator of ‘Bored to Death’.

This is Patrick Stewart rude, crude and wild, but still with a twinkle in his eye and a Shakespearean charm. He drinks and takes drugs, which in this pilot, causes all manner of trouble, but we get the feeling that this is Stewart letting loose and enjoying himself.

The comedy isn’t perhaps laugh out loud funny, it has a couple of decent jokes, but the situations, such as Blunt interviewing and berating himself over the actions that landed him in hot water in the first 10 minutes, are ridiculous but funny to see. The supporting cast isn’t too memorable, Adrian Scarborough plays his old war buddy, now some sort of butler, but that’s all I can remember.

Other than that, it’s directed and written with a certain style, it’s not particularly groundbreaking, but it has potential in the fact that you do seem to care about Walter, as he seems to be having a crisis. The episode is called ‘I seem to be running out of dreams for myself’ which really describes the emotional backbone of the show, Stewart plays the ageing breakdown well, and the show builds itself around him, an over the top but sympathetic performance.


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