On the road…again: A review of Vacation

Vacation (2015)

Vacation (2015)

I didn’t laugh for probably 40 minutes, by the time the film finished, I had laughed perhaps 3-4 times. None of those FOUR (barely) laughs weren’t proper laughs, not proper jokes and not even good laughs, they weren’t lasting and landed with a thud, I only remember them because there was so very few of them. 

This must mean that the rest of a film was a laugh less vacuum, there were no original jokes, no clever, witty remarks, it was gross out, pratfalls and disgusting. I haven’t seen the original, of which this reboot is a continuation of, Ed Helms plays the grown up son of Chevy Chases father from the original series. I understand its a classic, but this film is simply an attempt to cash in on it.

I like road trip movies, great vistas of America, interesting places, interesting people. This is all the film has going for it. Ed Helms, who does perfectly well as a comic performer in the right film, brings his usual bumbling shtick. Elsewhere Christina Applegate as his wife is completely fine, whilst their children, especially the youngest brother (the most punchable character of the year), are annoying.

Chris Hemsworth is boring and buff, everything he does sounds sexual, his only point is for titillation, and nothing he does is funny either. There’s also a cameo from an actor in ‘The Walking Dead’, who is reduced to a disgusting one note gag that sinks like a stone, it’s a shame to seem him being used for that particular gag.

There was no interesting music, story or characters. The ‘jokes’ were frankly lazy and pathetic, it was everything we’ve seen before, but done better. I can’t say that it is was irredeemable, but it was just very poor. Watching it was like being on the highway of bad comedy, you go for 2 hours straight with no turn off to something better, it feels long and you’re tired.

Rating: C  4/10


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