One year gone – Remembering Robin WIlliams

253483_1280x720“Smile my boy, it’s sunrise”

Can you believe its been a year since Robin Williams died? I remember where I was when I heard the news, believe me it was a shock and I don’t think I quite got over it for a few days, still haven’t now. A wonderful, talented man who made us laugh, who we loved and respected, and will always do.

His roles were varied and excellent, he was just as incredible a dramatic actor as he was a comedian and some of his best roles came from mixing both. Look at Good Will Hunting, a film that has Williams really showing off his soul in a poignant role.

This classic, improvised, scene combines humour with pathos and displays his true range as an actor.

Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire, Flubber and the underrated Hook were all films I loved as a child, each displaying a great comedic force whilst showing off his dramatic talents.

This is one of my favourite scenes of his from Mrs Doubtfire, in which his character loses a court battle to regularly see his children, its a heartbreaking moment and one that shows how adept an actor Williams could be. His performance in ‘Worlds Greatest Dad’ is a fantastic subdued role that leans towards dark comedy rather than zany. Whilst Aladdin was the film that changed the face of children’s movies forever, his role being one of the most memorable movie characters of all time, being idolised by children and adults alike.

A year on and its still heartbreaking to think that he’s gone, he is a cinematic presence that cannot be forgotten.



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