The bear necessities: A review of Ted 2

Ted 2 (2015)

Ted 2 (2015)

The first ‘Ted’ was fun. It had some good jokes and a run of the mill plot and it was perfectly fine. Ted 2 is far less good, in fact it’s offensive to pretty much everyone and it has little charm. Yet, against my better judgement, I laughed. A fair few times. It wasn’t wall to wall gags, in fact I probably laughed around 10 times but I DID laugh. The plot is slight and doesn’t matter in this sort of comedy, the characters change but don’t change and Seth Macfarlane’s usual shtick feels very much, “this again?”

The film builds to a large scale fight set at comic-con which is full of many fantastic sights and gags of people in costumes fighting but concerning the rest of the whole legalalize Ted plot, I feel like it doesn’t hold together. There is a hint at them trying to do something worthy of a sequel but the gags don’t hold it together well enough, simply because there aren’t that many. In the end it will come and go and you’ll rather watch Spy instead.

Rating: B- 6/10


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